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February 1, 2007 by subleaf

As the old codes were too mess, so i had to rewrite the whole project. Now the progress of the new project has caught up with the old one. Games can also boot. The following snapshots show the current progress.


Super Robot wars final

DraculaX (hangs here:( )

Dai Koukai Jidai 2 (hangs here:()

Michi No Ku Hitou Koi Monogatari

Dead or alive (hangs here:()

Bio Hazard

the Legend of Galactic Heroes

Panzer Dracoon 1 & 2

And others...


11-01-2006 by subleaf

I'm still alive!

Sorry for no updates since last 3 months ago, due to some personal reasons, I spent little time on SaturnTV, but there is still a little progress and I will spend more time on coding the following days.


24-09-2005 by subleaf


-Line Screen

.Implemented back screen(single color & each line color)

.Implemented line color screen(single color & each line color)


.Fixed a bug in coordinates calcultion of rotation

Here is a new shot concerning RBG0(the old two have been removed.)


23-09-2005 by subleaf


.implemented rotation of RBG0

.implemented zoom for NBG0, NBG1

now the blue nebula can rotate


9-09-2005 by subleaf


.emulated RBG0, added color calcultions and color offset for it.

(but currently can't rotate, can't zoom, no mosaic processing for it, just cellmap, bitmap was not emulated.)


2-09-2005 by subleaf


.rewritten the DMAC(just lever0, direct mode, read add byte 4, write add byte 4)

the logo animation displayed(but the speed is not fast), here to view the screenshot.

Thanks to Guillaume for his help.


21-08-2005 by subleaf


.increased speed

.added mosaic processing(now just for NBG0)

.added color offset function

.fixed some graphic glitches


.increased speed

.fixed some graphic glitches


.fixed a bug, input have been supported


.added IOCTL support

.added some commands


.improved logging



.added a dialog to select drive

.show infomation in the client area

.added several accelerators

.now can capture a snapshot


19-05-2005 by subleaf


.enabled NBG0~NBG2.

.color calculations(just mode1)

.preliminary priority emulation


16-05-2005 by subleaf


.fixed a bug in Gouraud Shading, polygons were correctly showed.


14-05-2005 by subleaf


.added internal DSP


.emulated NBG0~NBG3 but now are disabled.


.fixed some bugs the Saturn logo and the cd player showed correctly.


Very big thank you to:

--- Cyberman for your SH2 documents and your help.

--- Ben-J for your kindness, help and support.

--- Runik for your CDBlock documents and help.

--- Fabien for your documents and help.

--- antime for all the documents, without your contribution, I can do nothing.

--- Doomulation and tbag for your encouragement.

--- And other people who help, support this project.